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Small RNAs (former CRPP/KFSP)



The main goal of the Small RNAs consortium was to bring together the leading basic and clinical scientists within USZ/UZH into a cohesive multidisciplinary team devoted to the investigation and exploitation of small RNA in human diseases. The mission of this team was a joined effort to utilize siRNA in cell signalling discovery, identification of microRNA relevant in human disease, establish their functional role and provide preclinical animal models to test their therapeutic potential. We envision the outcome of this program to translate into novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies which have the potential to impact future health care.

Main goals:

  • Perform a series of siRNA-based high-throughput whole-genome screens in immortalized and primary cells.
  • Utilize automated systems to investigate the consequences of varied microRNA deletions in human cells
  • Generate small RNA profiling platforms and common databases for microRNA discovery in mouse models and patient samples
  • Generate toolboxes for microRNA expressing systems, focusing on lentiviral vectors
  • Develop transgenic mouse models for inhibition of microRNA function in vivo
  • Create novel diagnostic approaches for circulating microRNA in human disease

Individual projects: Perspectives