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Small RNAs (former CRPP/KFSP)

Technical Journal Club

The Technical Journal Club of the Institute of Neuropathology is held every Tuesday, 12:30-13:30, in the large Pathology lecture hall at the University Hospital, PATH D 22.

Program 2023

Date Speaker Title
07.02.2023 Cerisoli Martina Characterization of disease-mimicking human brain organoids as a model to study regulatory networks and drugs responses


Program 2022

Date Speaker Title
13.12.2022 Chiara Trevisan
22.11.2022 Marusa Kodermann Interference of regulatory networks and co-expression from RNA sequencing data
01.11.2022 Giulia Miracca Integrating spatial transcriptomic and sc/snRNA seq data
18.10.2022 Eva Breuer Flow-induced dispersion analysis – a technology for characterization and quantification of biomolecular interaction and protein concentration (PDF, 18 MB)
antibody complex formation
04.10.2022 Carlos Oueslati

The importance of animal models in understanding cell-to-cell propagation of prions and prionoids (PDF, 2 MB)

animal models


27.09.2022   cancelled
03.09.2022 Stefano Sellitto

New methods in antibiotic discovery and molecular mechanism characterisation. (PDF, 4 MB)

functional annotation of compound libraries


30.08.2022 Marc Emmenegger

Enveloped vehicles for genome editing

19.07.-23.08.2022   Summer Break
12.07.2022 Hui Zhang

Bacteria engineering for diagnostics and therapeutics (PDF, 5 MB)

Good and bad gut bacteria


05.07.2022 Tingting Liu Understanding evolutionary aging using the genome of killfish
28.06.2022 Asvin Lakkaraju Direct in vivo CRISPR screens
21.06.2022   cancelled
14.06.2022 Kathi Ging

Sweet times to study sour organelles (PDF, 7 MB)

Ging 14062022


07.06.2022 Francesca Catto

Applications of organoids for biology and precision medicine

catto 07062022


31.05.2022 Lukas Frick

Prime editing and CRISPR screens for studying of DNA repair (PDF, 6 MB)

Frick 31052022


24.05.2022 Chiara Trevisan  
17.05.2022 Davide Caredio  
10.05.2022 Elif Köksal

AttoBright: 3D-printed confocal system for detection of single αSynucleinaggregates (PDF, 2 MB)

kokel 10052022


03.05.2022 Jiang-An Yin

CRISPR base editor screens and functional interrogation of human genetic variants (PDF, 8 MB)

yin 03052022


26.04.2022 Elena De Cecco

AlphaFold 2 - Method of the Year 2021 (PDF, 9 MB)

DeCecco April 2022


19.04.2022 Alexandra Bentrup

mRNA splicing: new problems & new solutions (PDF, 10 MB)

BENAL 19042022


12.04.2022 Dalila Vena

Fast tissue clearing: an overview of state-of-the-art methods (PDF, 8 MB)

venad 12042022


05.04.2022 Anna Maria Reuss Multiphoton imaging from fluorescent beads to freely moving animals – A journey over the past 30 years
29.03.2022 Eva Breuer Xenotransplantation. Kidney and heart from GalSafe pigs to humans: Will this finally solve the problem of organ shortage? (PDF, 22 MB)
22.03.2022 Martina Cerisoli Human vasculature atlases in normal and pathological brains
15.03.2022   cancelled
08.03.2022   cancelled
01.03.2022 Regina Reimann

Modelling gain-of-function NaV1.7 I228M mutation (PDF, 4 MB)

REIR 01032022 pic


22.02.2022   cancelled
15.02.2022 Hui Zhang

ImageStream X: imaging flow cytometry application (PDF, 5 MB)

zhang 15022022 pic


08.02.2022 Simone Hornemann

Progress in mass spectrometry-based analysis of antibodies and antibody repertoires


01.02.2022 Marc Emmenegger

«Ut sementem feceris, ita metes» - plastic, pesticides, and human health? (PDF, 4 MB)

Schildkröte mit Hygienemaske


25.01.2022 Giulia Miracca

Two-photon imaging and 3D neuronal activity recording in behaving animals (PDF, 1 MB)

TJC Miracca Bild


18.01.2022 Francesca Catto

Mapping and functionally controlling neuronal circuits and haracterization of cell state-related changes of neuronal activity (PDF, 4 MB)

TJC Catto, Foto


11.01.2022 Karl Frontzek

Targeted RNA editing: novel tools to study post-transcriptional regulation (PDF, 8 MB)

TJC Frontzek Bild




Program 2021

Date Speaker Title
30.11.2021   cancelled
23.11.2021   cancelled
16.11.2021 Chiara Trevisan

Super-resolution microscopy: nanoscale structure of amyloid-β plaques and synaptic alteration in Alzheimer’s disease (PDF, 14 MB)

chiara 16112021


09.11.2021 Davide Caredio  
02.11.2021 Asvin Lakkaraju

In vivo CRISPR Screens (PDF, 5 MB)

Asvin 02112021


26.10.2021 Eva Breuer  
19.10.2021 Lukas Frick

Pooled approaches for microscopy-based CRISPR screens (PPTX, 24 MB)

Frick 19102021


12.10.2021   cancelled
05.10.2021 Daniel Heinzer

Using organoids to study human brain evolution (PDF, 8 MB)

Heinzer 05.10.2021


28.09.2021 Dalila Vena

Virus-Free CRISPR screens: an overview of the current strategies (PDF, 4 MB)

dalila 28092021


21.09.2021 Emina Lemes

Endolysosomes – Measuring the Lumen (PDF, 39 MB)

Lemes 21.09.2021


14.09.2021 Stefano Sellitto

Exploring gene functions on a sud-gene resolution (PDF, 3 MB)

Sellitto 14.09.2021


07.09.2021   cancelled
31.08.2021 Elena De Cecco

Metabolomics to investigate neurodegenerative diseases (PDF, 6 MB)

De Cecco 31.08.2021


24.08.2021 Itzel Condado Accelerated Strategies to Asses the Interfacial Stability of Therapeutic Antibodies
17.08.2021 Alexandra Bentrup

Super-Resolution Imaging of Nano-Scale Chromatin Organization (PDF, 6 MB)

TJC Bentrup 17082021




  Summer Break
13.07.2021 Dominique Birrer Liver volume is important-  but so is function!
06.07.2021 Giulia Miracca

In vivo activity tagging techniques and their applications (PDF, 5 MB)

Miracca 06.07.2021


29.06.2021 Asvin Lakkaraju

Combinatorial CRISPR screens (PDF, 7 MB)

TJA LAKKA 290621


22.06.2021 Longping Yao

Human astrocytes for disease modelling (PDF, 6 MB)

TJC Yao 22062021


15.06.2021 Kathi Ging

We shall see? An optogenetic approach to restore vision (PDF, 3 MB)

ginka 15062021


08.06.2021   cancelled
01.06.2021 Hui Zhang

Haven’t got a glue? Small molecule glue for protein interaction (PDF, 2 MB)

zhahu 01062021


25.05.2021 Lukas Frick

Look-Seq: Watching genomic catastrophe unfold (PDF, 11 MB)

lufri 25052021 pic


18.05.2021 Yancheng Wu

Proximity Labeling (PL): Optimizing and Applications (PDF, 4 MB)

wuyan 180521 pic


11.05.2021 Eva Breuer

LYTAC – Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) technology for extracellular and membrane-associated proteins (PDF, 18 MB)

breuer mai 2021


04.05.2021 Jiang-An Yin

Genetic manipulations at the chromosome level (PDF, 12 MB)

Yin 040521


27.04.2021 Yingjun Liu

Directed Evolution in Mammalian cells (PDF, 2 MB)

liu 27042021 pic


20.04.2021 Elena De Cecco

Application of droplet microfluidics to high-throughput screening (PDF, 5 MB)

ELena 20042021 pic


13.04.2021 Davide Caredio

Deep neural network models in computational histopathology: a second computed-diagnosis opinion for pathologists (PDF, 5 MB)

caredio 13042021


06.04.2021 Marc Emmenegger

Allergies - what they tell us about our immune system and how we can treat them (PDF, 2 MB)

EMMAR 06042021 pic


30.03.2021 Giulia Miracca

Spatial transcriptomic for studying neurodegenerative diseases (PDF, 10 MB)

miracca april


23.03.2021 cancelled  
16.03.2021 Manfredi Carta

Tools for the study of lipid pathology (PDF, 3 MB)

carta 16032021 pic


09.03.2021 Simone Hornemann

Progress in the development of delivering technologies for brain therapeutics (PDF, 3 MB)

Hornemann 09032021


02.03.2021 Anna Maria Reuss

Optogenetics update - A brief story about the past, present, and future of opsins in Neuroscience (PDF, 3 MB)

Reuss 02032021


23.02.2021 Karl Frontzek NGS-based diagnostics of COVID-19
16.02.2021 Stefano Sellitto

Developments in synthetic biology: The old and the new in the reprogramming of the genetic code (PDF, 4 MB)

Sellitto 16022021


09.02.2021 Francesca Catto

Cell-cell interaction (CCI): Old mystery and new opportunities (PDF, 9 MB)

CAtto 08022021


02.02.2021 Regina Reimann

Accelerated SARS-CoV2 vaccine development (PDF, 4 MB)

Reimann 02022021


26.01.2021 Emina Lemes

Thermal Proteome Profiling (PDF, 3 MB)

Lemes 26012021


19.01.2021 Tingting Liu

Imaging for stress granules: mRNA translation repressed or not? (PDF, 2 MB)

Liu 19012021


12.01.2021 Alexandra Bentrup

Identifying and studying cellular compartments & membranes using light-activated tools (PDF, 2 MB)

Bentrup 12012021



Program 2020

Date Speaker Topic
15.12.2020 Marc Emmenegger

CAR-T cells for the treatment of solid tumours (PDF, 2 MB)

Emmenegger 15122020


08.12.2020 Merve Avar

Cerebral organoids: fad or a potentially powerful tool? (PDF, 6 MB)

Merve 08122020 pic


01.12.2020 Elena De Cecco

DNA-made nanodevices: applications and challenges (PDF, 4 MB)

decel 01122020


24.11.2020 Upasana Maheshwari Recent advances in neural circuit tracing
17.11.2020 Sucheta Sridhar Gateway to Neuroinflammation – studying the choroid plexus in vivo
10.11.2020 Daniel Heinzer

Advances in neuron replacement therapy for Parkinson’s Disease (PDF, 8 MB)

heinzer 10112020


03.11.2020 Chryssa Zografou

Scanning T cell targets (PDF, 11 MB)

zografou pic


27.10.2020 Davide Daredio

Seeing is believing, quantifying is convincing: transferable image-based computational software tools for content quantification (PDF, 8 MB)

caredio 271020


20.10.2020 Yancheng Wu

Targeted protein degradation: Advancement and Applications (PDF, 3 MB)

TJC Wu pic


13.10.2020 Itzel Condado Morales

The search for antibodies directed against amyloid-β (Aβ) oligomers (PDF, 15 MB)

Itzel 13102020


06.10.2020 Asvin Lakkaraju

Alternatives to animal experimentation: Identifying new Genetic Interaction Networks using mammalian cell line models (PDF, 11 MB)

TJC Lakka pic


29.09.2020 Hui Zhang

Amplifying RNA Vaccine Development (PDF, 3 MB)

ZHAHU 29092020 pic


22.09.2020 Longping Yao

An introduction of hybrid Cas9–Cas12a platform and CRISPR-CasΦ

15.09.2020 Lukas Frick

Combining single-cell lineage tracing with transcriptomics (PDF, 5 MB)

Frick 15092020


08.09.2020 Eva Breuer

ZipSeq and scNT-seq: Two novel methods to improve spatially and temporally resolved single-cell transcriptomics (JPG, 125 KB)Breuer_08092020 (PDF, 6 MB)

Breuer 08092020


01.09.2020 Yingjun Liu

Studying brain disorders with human PSC/iPSC-derived cellular models (PDF, 2 MB)

YLIU 01092020 pic


25.08.2020 Dominique Birrer Imaging of cells and tissues with subcellular resolution with MALDI-MSI and laser-induced post-ionization (MALDI-2)
18.08.2020 Kathi Ging Enlightening: Modular synthesis of dark-to-bright fluorescent probes to study glycosidase activity in live cells
21.07. - 11.08.2020   Summer Break
14.07.2020 Adriano Aguzzi The molecular basis of prion toxicity
07.07.2020 Tingting Liu

Improving tissue differentiation in cerebral organoids (PDF, 3 MB)

LIUTI 07082020 pic


30.06.2020 Anna Henzi

How to make coronaviruses - a recipe (PDF, 1 MB)

Henzi 300320 pic


23.06.2020 Chryssa Zografou

Accelerating antibody discovery and vaccine development (PDF, 4 MB)

Zografou 23062020


16.06.2020 Manfredi Carta

Improving tissue differentiation in cerebral organoids (PDF, 3 MB)

Carta 160620


09.06.2020 Lukas Frick

The "dark proteome": Discovering new protein-coding genes in non-canonical open reading frames (PDF, 4 MB)

LUFRI 090620


02.06.2020 Simone Hornemann

Cryo-electron microscopy and related methods to study the structure of amyloid fibrils at molecular resolution (PDF, 2 MB)

HORNS 02062020


26.05.2020 Andreia Magalhães

Optimizing gene editing to improve clinical applications

19.05.2020 Stefano Sellitto

RNA Binding Proteins: from physiology to pathology. An update (PDF, 4 MB)

Sellitto 19052020


12.05.2020 Anna Maria Reuss

From Brainbow to Tetbow – multicolor labeling for connectomics (PDF, 27 MB)

Reuss 12052020


05.05.2020 Karl Frontzek

Single cell analysis for drug development

28.04.2020 Francesca Catto

Inducible strategies for controlling binding of intrabodies to their antigen targets (PDF, 4 MB)

Catto 28042020


21.04.2020 Emina Lemes

PROTAC - Protein degradation by proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PDF, 43 MB)

Lemes 21042020


10.03.-14.04.2020   Coronavirus Break
03.03.2020 Jiang-An Yin

Non-Human Primate Models: Advancement, Challenges and Opportunities (PDF, 5 MB)

YINJ 030320 pic


25.02.2020 Alexandra Bentrup

High‐dimensional single‐cell data and Self-Organizing Maps (PDF, 4 MB)

BENAL 25022020 pic



Itzel Condado Morales

A Trojan Horse for live-cell Super-Resolution Microscopy (PDF, 7 MB)

CONIT 18022020


11.02.2020 Marc Emmenegger

Big data in medicine - Strengths and pitfalls (PDF, 1 MB)

04.02.2020 Daniel Kirschenbaum

Human development in a dish


28.01.2020 Daniel Heinzer

Advances in viral vector delivery (PDF, 2 MB)

HEnzer 28012020


21.01.2020 Marco Losa

Regulating and controlling gene expression in vivo and in vitro (PDF, 2 MB)

Losa 21012020



Program 2019

Date Speaker Topic
17.12.2019 Merve Avar

Santa`s chimney into the cell: intracellular delivery of proteins (PDF, 2 MB)

Avar 17122019


10.12.2019 Lukas Frick

Avoiding dissociation bias with single-nucleus RNA-seq (PDF, 6 MB)

Frick 10122019


03.12.2019 Claudia Scheckel

Studying sleep and the underlying circadian rhythm – lessons learned from Drosophila, mice and humans

26.11.2019 Manfredi Carta

The single cell transcriptome across time and space (PDF, 2 MB)

cartm 261119


19.11.2019 Andreia Magalhães A biomedical technology with several sound applications
12.11.2019 Tingting Liu CRISPR base editing: principles and applications
05.11.2019 Juliane Bremer

Advances and challenges using zebrafish as model organism in neuroscience

29.10.2019 Karl Frontzek

Joint profiling of chromatin accessibility and gene expression

22.10.2019 Francesca Catto

Brains on chips (PDF, 19 MB)

Catto 22102019


15.10.2019 Emina Lemes

Oxygen for Brains (PDF, 71 MB)

LEMAM pic 151019


08.10.2019 Alexandra Bentrup

Sun, Moon and SUperNova: Protein-Tagging Systems for Signal Amplification (PDF, 6 MB)

BENAL pic 08102019


01.10.2019 Alessandro Crimi

Parcellating Cerebral Cortex: How Invasive Animal Studies Inform Noninvasive Mapmaking in Humans (PDF, 3 MB)

Crimi TJC 01102019


24.09.2019 Johanna Schaffenrath

Raman Spectroscopy for label-free cell type identification (PDF, 4 MB)

SFFJO pic 24092019


17.09.2019 Daniel Kirschenbaum

Spatial transcriptomics

10.09.2019 Marc Emmenegger

p-value in 2020 (PDF, 2 MB)

pic EMMAR 10092019


03.09.2019 Asvin Lakkaraju

Organs on Chips: Advances, Challenges and Future

27.08.2019   cancelled
20.08.2019 Daniel Heinzer

Proteasome, Neurodegeneration, and Prions (PDF, 2 MB)

HEIDA pic 20082019


13.08.2019   cancelled
    Summer Break
09.07.2019 Merve Avar

Nanobodies: current applications and future directions (PDF, 2 MB)

JC Merve Avar July 19


02.07.2019 Susy Senatore

Camelid single domain antibodies: small but mighty (PDF, 3 MB)

JC Asena July 2019


25.06.2019 Anna Henzi

Expanding the toolbox of fluorescence protein-based sensors (PDF, 1 MB)

TJC Henzi 25062019


18.06.2019 Lukas Frick

Aptamers as antibody alternatives: advances and applications (PDF, 4 MB)

TJC Frick 18062019


11.06.2019 Manfredi Carta

Exploring somatic mosaicism in neurological disease.

04.06.2019 Katrin Frauenknecht

Novel Platforms of Multiplexed Immunofluorescence for simultaneous detection of different molecules

28.05.2019 Marco Losa

Harnessing Bacteriophages for Gene Engineering

21.05.2019 Andreia Magalhães

Strategies for in vivo secretion of therapeutic antibodies

14.05.2019 Orsolya Török

Developments on human immune system mouse models for HIV research

07.05.2019 Yingjun Liu

Human-mouse chimeric models for studying brain disorders (PDF, 3 MB)

Yingjun 07052019


30.04.2019 Anna Maria Reuss

Fiber optics emerging in circuit neuroscience - from single fibers to multi-fiber bundle arrays (PDF, 2 MB)

Reuss 30042019


23.04.2019 Alessandro Crimi

What deep brain stimulation is actually stimulating

16.04.2019 Alexandra Bentrup

Upconversion Nanoparticles in Neuroscience (PDF, 3 MB)

Bentrup April 2019


09.04.2019 Emina Lemes

It’s All About That Base. -Synthetic DNA

02.04.2019 Regina Reimann

Approaching the underlying molecular mechanism of Aging (PDF, 3 MB)

Reimann 03042019


26.03.2019 Francesca Catto

Enhanced multiplex immunolabeling in  tissues (PDF, 5 MB)

Catto March 2019


19.03.2019 cancelled  
12.03.2019 Johanna Schaffenrath

Bioprinting personalized spare parts – how far away are we? (PDF, 5 MB)

Schaffenrath Feb2019


05.03.2019 Caihong Zhu

Recent advances in CRISPR-Cas9 based genome-wide screen (PDF, 10 MB)

Zhu March 2019


26.02.2019 Juliane Bremer

Harnessing ADARs for therapeutic RNA editing (PDF, 1 MB)

TJC Bremer Feb 2019


19.02.2019 cancelled  
12.02.2019 Marc Emmenegger

The many trails to immunotherapy – and the roadworks ahead

05.02.2019 Eleanna Kara

Inscopix: miniature microscope for circuit neuroscience (PDF, 2 MB)

Kara Feb 2019


29.01.2019 Daniel Heinzer

Forming molecular memories; Record-seq (PDF, 2 MB)

Heinzer Jan 2019


22.01.2019 Marco Losa

New tools to investigate transient and weak protein-protein interactions (PPIs) (PDF, 6 MB)

Losa Jan 2019



Program 2018


Date Speaker Topic
18.12.2018 Anna Henzi

Recent developments in CAR T cell therapy (PDF, 2 MB)

JC Henzi Dec 2018


12.12.2018 Luca Baroncini

3D PHH cultures as a new tool to study liver diseases and liver injuries

04.12.2018 Silvia Sorce

Mapping Central Nervous System Immune Cell (II) (PDF, 6 MB)

JC Sorce Dec 2018


27.11.2018   cancelled
20.11.2018 Maarja Grünbach

FISH & Chips: Combining in-situ RNA analysis with chip technology

13.11.2018 Thijs Wildschut

Mapping the human surfaceome

06.11.2018 Jiang-An Yin

Caloric restriction for healthy aging?

30.10.2018 Gianluca Spaltro

Advances in proximity-based labeling of proteins in living cells

23.10.2018 Manfredi Carta

Advances in protein sequencing

16.10.2018 Andreia Magalhães

Modulating the pharmacokinetics of therapeutic antibodies

09.10.2018 Orsolya Török

3 photon imaging of the mouse brain through the intact skull (PDF, 3 MB)

TJC OrsolyaT 09102018


02.10.2018 Claudia Scheckel

Assessment of human antibody repertoires to discover novel therapeutics (PDF, 9 MB)

TJC Scheckel 02102018


25.09.2018   cancelled
18.09.2018 Anna Maria Reuss

Spatially resolved transcriptomics (PDF, 6 MB)

TJC Reuss


11.09.2018 Francesca Franzoso

How CRISPR-Cas9 screens unlock novel ways of genetic interactions and disease mechanisms (PDF, 5 MB)

Franzoso 11092018


04.09.2018 Angela Wulf

Mapping Central Nervous System Immune Cell (I) (PDF, 32 MB)

WULMA 04092018


28.08.2018 Alessandro Crimi Connectomics spreading models to characterize misfolded proteins propagation and dynamical functional connectivity
21.08.2018 Kristina Airich Bead-based immunoassays for allergen detection
14.08.2018 Asvin Lakkaraju

An update on organoid research (PDF, 4 MB)

Lakka August 2018


10.07.2018 Emina Lemes

Imaging synaptic transmission (PDF, 27 MB)

lemam 10072018


03.07.2018 Susy Senatore

Mouse models of food allergy: how well do they simulate the human disorder? (PDF, 3 MB)

ASENA 03072018


26.06.2018 Valeria Eckhardt

Targeting the cancer mutanome (PDF, 8 MB)

ECKVA 26062018


19.06.2018 Renier Myburgh cancelled
12.06.2018 Patrick Schürch

Personalized medicine with Pharmacoscopy-guided treatments (PDF, 3 MB)

Schürch 12062018


05.06.2018 Larisa Kovtonyuk The Next Generation of Biosensors
29.05.2018 Merve Avar

Sampling live cells on a picoscale and its applications (PDF, 44 MB)

AVAME 29052018


22.05.2018 Christina Müller

Transcript-indexed ATAC-seq for immune profiling (PDF, 6 MB)

CMueller 22052018


15.05.2018 Johanna Schaffenrath

Repurposing – fresh perspectives on known components (PDF, 4 MB)

TJC repurposing


08.05.2018 Caihong Zhu

Base editing from animal models to human embryos (PDF, 3 MB)

ZHCA 08052018


01.05.2018 Labor Day ---
24.04.2018 Ute Süssbier Cell-type specific sequencing of microRNAs
17.04.2018 Juliane Bremer

Gene activation and epigenetic modulation using Crispr/Cas9 (PDF, 10 MB)

BREMJ 17042018


10.04.2018 Yvette Zarb

Three-dimensional whole brain atlases (PDF, 8 MB)



03.04.2018 Karl Frontzek

Current progress in xenotransplantation (PDF, 3 MB)

TJC FROKA 030418


27.03.2018 Marc Emmenegger

A tale of a thoursand electrones and one - combining HD-MEA and patch clamp (PDF, 4 MB)

EMMAR 260318


20.03.2018 Veronika Lysenko Targeting cancer with DNA nanoroots


13.03.2018 Daniel Heinzer

New Tools for Targeted Protein Degradation (PDF, 3 MB)

JC HEIDA 13032018


06.03.2018 Katrin Frauenknecht

Oncolytic Adenoviruses for brain cancer treatment (PDF, 4 MB)

FRAKA March 2018


27.02.2018 Anna Henzi

Virtual Reality to study neural basis of behavior (PDF, 2 MB)

JC Henzi 280218


20.02.2018 Eleanna Kara

Mapping RNA-protein interactions (PDF, 2 MB)

JC Kara 20022018


13.02.2018 Daniel Kirschenbaum

Cell-type specific proteomics in the brain (PDF, 4 MB)

pic KIRDA 13022018


06.02.2018 Yingjun Liu

Identifying neuronal cells involved in spatial cognition (PDF, 2 MB)

JC Liu 060218


30.01.2018 Kristina Airich cancelled
23.01.2018 Angela Wulf

Methods to Probe Brain Circuitries in vivo (PDF, 17 MB)

WULMA 23012018


16.01.2018 Regina Reimann

New vaccine production methods for seasonal influenza viruses (PDF, 2 MB)

JC REIR Jan2018



The Interdisciplinary Technical Journal Club is held every Tuesday, 12:30-13:30, in the large Pathology lecture hall at the University Hospital, PATH D 22.

Program 2017

Date Speaker Topic
19.12.2017 Patrick Helbling NICHE-seq – adding the spatial dimension to single cell RNA sequencing data
12.12.2017 Thijs Wildschut BioID as a tool for discovery of protein interactomes in vitro and in vivo
05.12.2017 Daniel Kirschenbaum Stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy: from mouse models to clinical applications
28.11.2017 Maarja Grünbach Using SNP-FISH for detecting SNVs to quantify allele-specific expression in single cells
21.11.2017 Gianluca Spaltro

Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of mRNA Degradation (PDF, 2 MB)

TJC Spaltro 21112017


14.11.2017 Daniel Pease Revisiting mRNA Turnover
07.11.2017 Silvia Sorce

CAR T-cell therapy of solid tumors (PDF, 11 MB)

pic sorsi 07112017


31.10.2017 Orsolya Török

Imaging the lymphatic outflow of the cerebrospinal fluid (PDF, 19 MB)

pic toror 31102017


24.10.2017 Andreia Magalhães Methods and applications of microgravity research
17.10.2017 Manfredi Carta

Single-cell deep phenotyping of IgG-secreting cells for high-resolution immune monitoring (PDF, 1 MB)

Carta 171017


10.10.2017 Larisa Kovtonyuk Massive parallel de novo protein design for targeted therapeutics
03.10.2017 Valeria Eckhardt

Genome-wide CRISPR-based screen to study cancer evolution in vivo (PDF, 41 MB)

Eckhardt TJC 03102017


26.09.2017 Patrick Schürch

LiP-MS: Global analysis of protein structural changes in complex proteomes (PDF, 3 MB)

Schürch TJC



Christina Müller

Spatially resolved multiplexed single cell analysis (PDF, 3 MB)

Pic TJC Müller


12.09.2017 Caihong Zhu CRISPR-mediated RNA targeting
05.09.2017 Andra Chincisan

Computational modelling: Complementary Tools to Animals in Science (PDF, 5 MB)

AndreaC TJC 050917


29.08.2017 Johanna Schaffenrath

Who wants to live forever? – Killifish as a short lived vertebrate model for aging and disease. (PDF, 2 MB)

TJC killifish


22.08.2017 Ute Süssbier Chemical-inducible Cas9 to probe editing kinetics
15.08.2017 Yvette Zarb Decellularization: from laboratory tool to tissue engineering
08.08.2017 Claudia Scheckel

Progress in gene therapy: focus on hearing loss (PDF, 4 MB)

Scheckel 080817


25.07.2017 Marc Emmenegger

Nonlinearity of nature and its challenges (PDF, 2 MB)

EMMAR 250717 pic


11.07.2017 Anna Henzi

Multidimensional Tracking of GPCR Signaling with Proximity-Labeling (PDF, 1 MB)



04.07.2017 Asvin Lakkaraju Mouse eggs and sperm cells made in a dish
27.06.2017 Veronika Lysenko Evolution of RNA-targeting CRISPR
20.06.2017 Renier Myburgh Novel nanoparticle-based immunotherapy for cancer
13.06.2017 Flavio Vasella Organs in a Dish - Modeling Development and Disease Using Organoids
06.06.2017 Katrin Frauenknecht Recent development in microbiome research: effect of diet and microbiota composition on the development of diseases (PDF, 2 MB)
Fraka 060617
30.05.2017 Manuela Pfammatter

Single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (PDF, 33 MB)

Pfama 300517


23.05.2017 Daniel Heinzer

Increasing the neurological-disease toolbox: human iPSC-derived microglia-like cells (PDF, 4 MB)

Heida 230517
16.05.2017 Stephan Isringhausen Deep Learning applied to Biomedical Image Analysis
09.05.2017 Daniel Kirschenbaum

Limitations of current experimental trends in biological research (PDF, 3 MB)



02.05.2017 Karl Frontzek Non-human primates biomedical research for tackling emerging infectious diseases (II): Zika virus. (PDF, 2 MB)
FROKA 020517 pic


25.04.2017 Angela Wulf Expanding the Optogenetic Toolbox: Photocleavable Proteins
11.04.2017 Kristina Airich TANGO: Protein interactions traced in cells and animals (PDF, 2 MB)
AIKRI 110427 pic


04.04.2017 Regina Reimann Non‐ human primate biomedical research for tackling emerging infectious diseases (I): Ebola virus
28.03.2017 Gianluca Spaltro

Real-Time Imaging of Translation on Single mRNA Transcripts in Live Cells (PDF, 3 MB)

TJC Spaltro 280317


14.03.2017 Andreia Magalhaes Electrochemical methods for the control and measurement oft biological activity (PDF, 1 MB)
Magan 14032017


07.03.2017 Yingjun Liu Non‐human primates in the research of neurological diseases (PDF, 3 MB)


28.02.2017 Marco Losa Approaches and applications of nanomedicine
21.02.2017 Orsolya Török Improvements on fast live cell imaging at the nanoscale (PDF, 2 MB)
OrsolyaT 210217 pic
14.02.2017 Patrick Schürch Engineering bacteria to fight cancer (PDF, 1 MB)


07.02.2017 Vijay Chandrasekar Tissue engineering by Bio-printing: Current state of the technology (PDF, 3 MB)
CHAVI 070217 pic


31.01.2017 Christina Müller Simultaneous genome and transcriptome sequencing (PDF, 2 MB)
CMueller 310117 pic


24.01.2017 Larisa Kovtonyuk CRISP-seq and Perturb-seq: a combination of CRISPR perturbations and RNA-seq
17.01.2017 Patrick Helbling The epitranscriptome – unravelling the biochemical modifications of RNA
10.01.2017 Susy Senatore

Genetic humanization and the generation of human antibodies fromtransgenic animals (PDF, 5 MB)

senatore 110117 pic



Program 2016

Date Speaker Topic
20.12.2016 Ute Suessbier Genome-wide mapping of mutations at single-nucleotide resolution for protein, metabolic and genome engineering
13.12.2016 Johanna Schaffenrath

Parabiosis (PDF, 1 MB)

TJC parabiosis


06.12.2016 Claudia Scheckel

Alternative Models (part IV): C. elegans (PDF, 3 MB)



29.11.2016 Marc Emmenegger Dimensionality reduction in biology
22.11.2016 Yvette Zarb

siRNA delivery targeting specific sites in vivo (PDF, 1 MB)

zarb nov 17


15.11.2016 Mario Nuvolone

Catalytic in vivo protein knockdown (PDF, 3 MB)

pic nuvma nov 16


08.11.2016 Daniel Pease Highlighting Ultrastructures by Multicolour Electron Micropscopy
01.11.2016 Asvin Lakkaraju

Alternative Models (part III): Yeast (PDF, 10 MB)



25.10.2016 Valeria Eckhardt How E.Coli is involved in discovery of ubiquitylation cascade (PDF, 25 MB)
25102016 ECKVA
18.10.2016 Renier Myburgh New approaches to fill the antibiotic discovery void
11.10.2016 Yingjun Liu New technologies for the identification and functional dissection of neuronal networks (PDF, 3 MB)
11102016 YLIU
04.10.2016 Silvia Sorce

Alternative models (part II): zebrafish (PDF, 6 MB)



27.09.2016 Manuela Pfammatter Microfluidics-based methods to study protein-ligand interactions
20.09.2016 Audrey Fahrny Novel CRISPR technologies for generating complex synthetic gene circuits (PDF, 3 MB)
20092016 AFahrny


13.09.2016 Stephan Isringhausen Recent advances in single-cell interrogations
06.09.2016 Daniel Kirschenbaum Alternative models (part I): drosophila
30.08.2016 Karl Frontzek Crowdsourcing biomedical research: leveraging communities as innovation engines
23.08.2016 Bei Li Biomarker development in the era of precision medicine (PDF, 4 MB)
Biomarker development in the era of precision medicine


16.08.2016 Kristina Airich

Quantum Dot - From the smallest Nano to the largest Power (PDF, 1 MB)

Kristina Airich_TJC_160816


09.08.2016 Angela Wulf Shhht! – Methods to Silence Neurons and Neuronal Connections
02.08.2016 Regina Reimann In vivo imaging - In accordance with 3R policies (PDF, 3 MB)
In vivo imaging - In accordance with 3R policies


26.07.2016 Katrin Frauenknecht

High-throughput systems for behavioral analysis in Huntington‘s Disease Models (PDF, 3 MB)

FRAKA July 2016


19.07.2016 Orsolya Török

Improvements in expansion microscopy: protein-retention expansion microscopy and expansion FISH (PDF, 3 MB)

Török 19072016


12.07.2016 Gianluca Spaltro

Designer cells finely tuned for therapy (PDF, 1 MB)

Salptro 12072016


05.07.2016 Vijay Chandrasekar

Successful replacement of animal models: Stem cell based models- Study, Screen, Substitute (PDF, 5 MB)

Vijay July 2016


28.06.2016 Rahel Gerosa High resolution multiplex analysis of chromosome conformation (PDF, 2 MB)
TJC Gerosa 28.06.2016


21.06.2016 Patrick Helbling Revising the blueprint of life by engineering artificial chromosomes and genomes
14.06.2016 Natalia Parinello RNA modifications discovery: towards RNA epigenetic?
07.06.2016 Caihong Zhu

New methods for gene engineering in animals (PDF, 6 MB)



31.05.2016 Hui Chyn (Amanda) Wong GelMA Hydrogels – The future of cell culture?
24.05.2016 Christine Müller Making the switch to a safer CAR-T cell therapy (PDF, 4 MB)
Bild zu TJC 24.05.2016
17.05.2016 Larisa Kovtonyuk Step forward in DNA damage detection with help of sequencing platforms
10.05.2016 Veronika Lysenko Improving CRISPR/Cas9 homology-directed repair (HDR) efficiency
03.05.2016 Susy Senatore Successful replacement of animal models: production of antibodies (PDF, 4 MB)
Senatore 03052016


26.04.2016 Ute Suessbier Robust transcriptome-wide discovery of RNA-binding protein binding sites
19.04.2016 Anahita Rafiei

Organoids- Grow your own organs may not be so far off (PDF, 16 MB)

Rafiei April 2016


12.04.2016 Marc Emmenegger
05.04.2016 Mario Nuvolone
29.03.2016 Yvette Zarb
22.03.2016 Daniel Pease Deciphering DNA Regulatory Elements using High-Throughput Platforms
15.03.2016 Claudia Scheckel A Receptor for all Occasions
08.03.2016 Valeria Eckhardt
01.03.2016 Renier Myburgh Humanized mice in translational biomedical research
23.02.2016 Yingjun Liu
16.02.2016 Manuela Pfammatter
02.02.2016 Asvin Lakkaraju
26.01.2016 Angela Wulf
19.01.2016 Josephin Wagner
Wagner 19012016


12.01.2016 Stephan Isringhausen SWITCH enables high dimensional multiplexed imaging and profiling of intact biological systems
05.01.2016 Silvia Sorce Germ‐free mice and the effect of microbiome on animal experiments

Program 2015

15.12.2015Despoina Goniotaki
08.12.2015Bei Li
01.12.2015Caihong Zhu
24.11.2015Audrey FahrnyPACS- An alternative technology for single-cell analysis and sorting
17.11.2051Melanie Einsiedler5-Formylcytosine detection and tracking
10.11.2015Karl Frontzek
03.11.2015Kristina Airich
27.10.2015Larisa KovtonyukDR-seq and G&T-seq: simultaneous sequencing of genome and transcriptome of the same single cell
20.10.2015 Asvin  Lakkaraju
13.10.2015Susy Senatore
06.20.2015Elke SchaperOntologies and the semantic web - sharing knowledge in biomedical research
29.09.2015Natalia Parrinello Monitor metabolite dynamics: key for understanding cellular network changes in yeast and in cancer cells
22.09.2015Sandra IvicThe discovery of insulators for gene therapy
15.09.2015Christina Müller
08.09.2015Ute SuessbierHost-microbe interactions – Bacteria tracking by in vivo imaging
01.09.2015Valeria Eckhardt
25.08.2015Daniel PeaseHigh-Throughput Transcriptomics via Single-Cell Barcoding
18.08.2015Anahita RefieiHow stable isotopes image the unknown for us
11.08.2015Marie-Aude Rochat
04.08.2015Sandra DiasGeneration and isolation of oligodendrocytes
28.07.2015Marc EmmeneggerStudying single molecules in live eukaryotic cells
21.07.2015Yvette Zarb
14.07.2015Veronika LysenkoVirscan the future of virus detection
07.07.2015Rahel Gerosa
30.06.2015Josephin Wagner
23.06.2015Hui Chyn (Amanda) WongAn out-of-body-experience: “Human-on-a-chip
16.06.2015Vijay Chandrasekar
09.06.2015Kristin FritschBioreactor Systems for Tissue Engineering
02.06.2015Manuela Pfammatter
26.05.2015Audrey Fahrny
19.05.2015Karl Frontzek
12.05.2015Li Duo
05.05.2015Mario Nuvolone
28.04.2015Angela Wulf
21.04.2015Renier MyburghWhole-body immunoPET reveals active SIV dynamics in viremic and antiretroviral therapy–treated macaques
14.04.2015Stephan Isringhausen
07.04.2015Despoina Goniotaki
31.03.2015Assunta Senatore
24.03.2015Sergey Yakushev
17.03.2015Sandra Ivic
10.03.2015Natalia Parinello
03.03.2015Daniel Kirschenbaum
24.02.2015Rahel Gerosa
17.02.2015Celeste SassiSpatially resolved transcriptomics and beyond
10.02.2015Sandra Dias
03.02.2015Elke SchaperModelling molecular evolution - an applied perspective
27.01.2015Valerio Berardi
22.01.2015Larisa KovtonyukUnseen «dark matter» bacteria answer demand for new antibiotics
13.01.2015Anahita RefieiTransposon tracking: an innovative approach for tracking stem cells under homeostatic conditions.
06.01.2015 Hui Chyn (Amanda) Wong

Dynamic autofluorescence imaging of intracellular components inside living cells using direct electron beam excitation

Program 2014

16.12.2014Tiziana Sonati
09.12.2014Silvia Sorce
02.12.2014Karl Frontzek
25.11.2014Caihong Zhu
18.11.2014Melanie EinsiedlerHigh-Throughput Protein Interaction Profiling Based on Nucleic Acid Barcoding
11.11.2014Bei Li
04.11.2014 Marie-Aude Rochat
28.10.2014Cesar Nombela ArrietaNovel methods for tissue optical clearing for high resolution,whole-organ, three-dimensional imaging: CUBIC and PACT
21.10.2014Kristin Fritsch
14.10.2014Manuela Pfammatter
07.10.2014Audrey Fahrny
30.09.2014Nicolas Schmid
23.09.2014Li Duo
16.09.2014Mario Nuvolone
09.09.2014Angela Wulf
02.09.2014Vijay Chandrasekar
26.08.2014Arnaud Monnard
19.08.2014Chakradhar YakkalaAdvances in Immuno imaging: Histocytometry and Dynamic insitu cytometry
12.08.2014Despoina Goniotaki
05.08.2014Susy Senatore
29.07.2014Dragana Jankovic
22.07.2014Sergey Yakushev
15.07.2014Sandra Ivic
08.07.2014Natalia Parrinello
01.07.2014Daniel Kirschenbaum
24.06.2014Rahel Gerosa
17.06.2014Regina Reimann
10.06.2014Henning Leske
03.06.2014Christian KempfMicrofluidic and compartmentalized platforms for neurobiological research
27.05.2014Larisa KovtonyukOvercoming off-target effects of RNA based techniques: an example of siRNA and CRISPR/Cas9
20.05.2014Tiziana Sonati
13.05.2014Melanie EinsiedlerTagging mRNAs in living cells
06.05.2014Agnes LauAdvances in Optogenetics
29.04.2014Caihong Zhu
22.04.2014Timo Böge
15.04.2014Karl Frontzek
08.04.2014Bei Li
01.04.2014Silvia Sorce
25.03.2014Vijay Chandrasekar
18.03.2014César Nombela ArietaDirect measurement of oxygen tensions in tissues using high-resolution two-photon intravital phosphorescence lifetime microscopy
11.03.2014Kristin Fritsch
04.03.2014Alexander KüfferSchwann cells and the mighty bug – reprogramming Schwann cells to stem-like cells
25.02.2014Marie-Aude Rochat
18.02.2014Nicolas Schmid
11.02.2014Mario Hermann
04.02.2014Li Duo
28.01.2014Mario Nuvolone
21.01.2014Angela Wulf
14.01.2014Yasuyuki Saito
07.01.2014Renier Myburgh

Program 2013

17.12.2013Chakradhar YakkalaOrgans on Chips
10.12.2013Despoina Goniotaki
03.12.2013Asvin Lakkaraju
26.11.2013Sergey Yakushev
12.11.2013Susy Senatore
05.11.2013Annika KellerRNAi screen in vivo
29.10.2013Daniel Kirschenbaum
22.10.2013Sandra IvicClick Chemistry for the imaging of cell surface glycosylation
15.10.2013Mohsen Maleh MirLarge-scale identification of ubiquitination sites by mass spectrometry
08.10.2013Natalia Parinello
01.10.2013Rahel Gerosa
24.09.2013Monika WolfNucleic acid vaccines
17.09.2013Larisa KovtonyukAn update on optical control of transcription and epigenetic states
10.09.2013Christian KempfProbing proteome dynamics using bioorthogonal non-canonical amino-acid tagging
27.08.2013Melanie EinsiedlerExpanding the Genetic Code
20.08.2013Agnes Lau
13.08.2013Paolo Dametto
06.08.2013Caihong ZhuCRISPR-Cas mediated genome engineering - an update of the «new tool for genome surgery
30.07.2013Timo Böge
23.07.2013Karl Frontzek
16.07.2013Bei Li
09.07.2013Alexander KüfferCatalytic Autoantibodies
02.07.2013Annika KellerSingle cell analysis
25.06.2013Uli Herrmann
18.06.2013Daiji Sakata
11.06.2013Boris BallmerTargeted Exosome Design the next generation of drug delivery systems
04.06.2013Silvia Sorce
28.05.2013Badma Segarane
21.05.2013Mario Herrmann
14.05.2013Monika WolfNucleic acid vaccines
07.05.2013Mario Nuvolone
30.04.2013Friederike BöhmHigh-throughput droplet digital PCR system for absolute quantitation of DNA copy number
23.04.2013Despoina Goniotaki
16.04.2013Mary-Aude Rochat
09.04.2013Yasuyki SaitoSingle-cell time-lapse imaging in stem cell research
02.04.2013Chakradhar YakkalaModern approaches to vaccine delivery
26.03.2013Michael HugelshoferThe Glymphatic Pathway: A New Footing for Waste Clearance in the Brain
19.03.2013Sergey Yakushev
12.03.2013Li Duo
05.03.2013Renier Myburgh
26.02.2013Gustavo HuberChimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells against cancer or leukemia
19.02.2013Natalia Parinello
12.02.2013Kristin Fritsch
05.02.2013Ramin Radpour5-Hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) a New Kid on the Epigenetic
29.01.2013Larisa KovtonyukSingle cell DNA strand sequencing maps sister chromatid exchanges
22.01.2013Hitoshi Takizawa
15.01.2013Paolo Dametto
08.01.2013Veronika KanaMitochondrial genetics – how to study and manipulate the mitochondrial genome

Program 2012

18.12.2012Caihong Zhu
11.12.2012Timo Böge Heredity and Evolution of XNA (xeno-nucleic acids)
04.12.2012Karl Frontzek
27.11.2012Bei LiGenome-scale cell-based RNAi HTS
20.11.2012Alexander Küffer
13.11.2012Daiji SakataSingle-stranded siRNA based knock down - old and new
06.11.2012Rahel Gerosa